Global Grand Rounds

Grand rounds are regularly scheduled medical education presentations regarding specific medical conditions or case studies, presented to an audience of healthcare professionals. Global Grand Rounds are unique because of their international nature. We collaborate with healthcare professionals from our partner hospitals worldwide and thus can discuss exciting topics on a global scale. After each presentation, the audience and presenter discuss the content and how telemedicine could assist in each specific case. The presentations provide are free and CME-accredited. For more details on our Global Grand Rounds and information on attending or presenting, please sign up using the link below.

Grand rounds are organized by Dr. Gregory Pecchia, Medical Director of Global OffSite Care, and are provided gratis. Doctor Pecchia is on the faculty of Western University of Health Sciences and has extensive expertise in telemedicine. 

Dr. Gregory Pecchia

Upcoming Event

November 16, 2022 – Surgery Remote Training
Marchelle Sellers from OhanaOne
(not CME approved)

Past Events

October 12, 2022- Hyponatremia
Muhammad Gill MD

September 14, 2022- I got my patient’s genetic test results, now what?
Dr. Andrius Baskys, MD (Psychiatry)

August 3, 2022- Diabetes Mellitus type-2 updates and discussion
Dr. Muhammad Gill

July 20, 2022- Cervical cancer in a rural setting – A case study
Dr. G. Mudzingwa, Chidamoyo Christian Hospital

June 29, 2022- Anemia and Transfusion: A simple yet complex issue
Dr. Muhammad Gill

See More Global Grand Rounds On YouTube!

An Introduction to Global Telemedicine’s Global Grand Rounds With Dr. Gregory Pecchia, DO

Continuing Medical Education

Accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) units otherwise known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are offered for Grand Rounds sessions on the first Wednesday of the month. Grand Rounds are not only beneficial for doctors to learn and develop from, but they also give the opportunity for other health care professionals to expand their knowledge in telemedicine.

To learn more about CME, please visit our CME page.

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